Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is near, have you decided where to treat your Mom to delicious food yet? If you are still pondering or have yet to decide on the location, then here are some suggestions to choose from. Hopefully, this list could help you discover a new place to try out.

1. Azadore

Food in Azadore

With a unique atmosphere that is enhanced by the delicious variety of dishes, this restaurant is a breath of fresh air from the easily accessible fast-food restaurants. It has a spacious environment that can accommodate a huge group and has servings that can easily serve an entire family, making it the perfect fit for family events like Mother’s Day.

Inside of Azadore

2. Palm Grill

Food in Palm Grill

Going beyond the culinary reaches of Luzon, the delicious dishes of ZamBaSulTa in Southwestern Mindanao are brought to Metro Manila. Filled with the intoxicating aromas of traditional flavors, it brings you and your mother to experience the taste of Southern Mindanao without having to travel far.

Inside of Palm Grill
Photo by Rachel Malaguit on https://coconuts.co/manila/food-drink/palm-grill-brings-southern-mindanaos-hard-to-find-comfort-food-to-the-heart-of-quezon-city/

3. Pandan Asian Café

Food in Asian Pandan Cafe

Inspired by the unique dishes discovered throughout Chef Tatung’s journey, this restaurant became a family-oriented restaurant that brings Filipino and Southeast Asian cuisine together. Bringing you the taste of Southeast Asia in the closeness of Metro Manila, this will take you and your mother on a journey to taste exquisite flavors.

Inside of Pandan Asian Cafe

4. Nasi by Bale Datung

Food in Nasi by Bale Dutung

With a rustic ambiance due to its wooden interior and unique name, a Kapampangan term which translates to “House of Wood”, it brings the culinary culture of Pampanga to Metro Manila. Dining here will allow you and your mother to taste the deliciousness of Kapampangan classics like Kilayin, Hito Balo Balo, Ensaladang Pako, Ningnang Kapampangan, and many others.

Inside of Nasi by Bale Datung
On https://aranetacity.com/blog/nasi-bale-dutung-pampanga-palenque

5. Tindeli

Food in Tindeli

Being a mix of Filipino sari-sari store and delicatessen, it serves local favorites and ready-to-serve food like cold cuts and pica-pica. It is the grand fusion of different culinary flavors which can take both you and your mother either on an adventure overseas or lead you to reminisce familiar dishes that hold meaningful memories of your family dining together.

Inside of Tindeli by Chef Tatung

If eating out is not the plan you have in mind to celebrate Mother’s Day, then maybe buying a cake to sweeten such a special day would be your next option. With a variety of flavors to choose from, your mother will surely find the cake that she would love to eat the most.

1. Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

2. Peanut Butter Choco

Peanut Butter Choco

3. Almond Sansrival

Almond Sansrival

4. Manila Mango Cake

Manila Mango Cake

5. Cassava Cheesecake Purple Yam

Cassava Cheesecake Purple Yam

Whichever way you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, your mother will surely be able to feel and appreciate your heartfelt efforts. May you and your family have a grand celebration this coming May 12.

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