Cheesy Embutido Rolls

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With a crisp skin and the mouthwatering delight of embutido, it is a unity of two delightful dishes that are equally well-loved by Filipinos. It is a delicious combination that will be a surprising break from the familiar flavor of Lumpiang Shanghai.

It can be said to be Lumpiang Shanghai, but with a cheesier inside. Filled with the juicy deliciousness of ground pork and the subtle crunch of finely chopped vegetables, it is a snack that can be a similar alternative to the local favorite.

Cheesy Embutido Rolls


– ¾ kg. ground pork
– ½ cup breadcrumbs
– ¼ cup milk
– 2 pcs. fresh eggs
– 1 pc. carrot, diced
– 1 pc. onion, minced
– 1 pc. red bell pepper
– ¼ cup pickle relish
– 1 Tbsp. sugar
– 1 sachet Maggi Magic Sarap
– 1 tsp. black pepper
-1/2 cup regular cheese, grated

– Flour
– Water
– Lumpia wrap
– Oil, for frying


1. In a bowl, add breadcrumbs, milk, and eggs. Mix well.

2. In a bowl with the ground pork, add the carrots, onions, red bell peppers, and pickled relish. Mix it well. Season with sugar, magic sarap, and black pepper. Mix, then add the breadcrumbs mixture. Make sure to mix everything thoroughly. Add grated or diced cheese and mix again.

3. In a bowl, add water and flour to make the paste to seal the lumpia. Mix until fully combined.

4. Scoop an ample amount of filling and place it on the lumpia wrapper. Roll it, making sure to put the water and flour adhesive on the edge. Continue to make rolls until the mixture and lumpia wrappers are finished.

5. In a pot, heat the oil on medium high heat. Fry the rolls until it is cooked through and the skin is golden-brown. Once it has finished cooking, place it in a colander to let the excess oil drip.

Similar to the local crispy favorite, it is a quick and easy dish that can be cooked and prepared without much hassle. With a crunchy outer layer and a juicy inside that has the saltiness of cheese, it can be said to have the possibility of becoming a new local favorite.

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