Simpol Dishkarte ni Chef Tatung Sarthou is Now Available!

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Chef Tatung’s Simpol Dishkarte is finally out!

Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou’s award-winning DISHKARTE book, updated and retitled SIMPOL DISHKARTE, was launched last May 11 at The Alley, UP Town Center. Media and well-loved Food Bloggers as well as Key Influencers attended the book launch. The highlight of the event was the cooking demonstration done by Chef Tatung, ably assisted by Ms. Ojie Dominguez (a well-loved food blogger). They cooked Beef with Broccoli and Beef Noodle Stir-Fry using one base beef marinade. Chef Tatung showed how easy and “simpol” it is to cook multiple dishes in one set-up with a restaurant-worthy “look” and taste.

Simpol Dishkarte will make your kitchen life easier Chef Tatung – celebrity chef, restaurateur, and award-winning book author, reiterated, during the launch, that Dishkarte, is a book that will break down the cooking process in simple steps and in the vernacular so that more “kababayans” will be able to learn from the book. Chef Tatung says “Dishkarte was written to bridge the skill gap of home cooks to satisfy the discriminating tastes of people who frequent restaurants when served with home cooked dishes. It is also written for the non-English speakers by providing technical and practical know-how in the kitchen to function in a home or even commercial setting.” Chef Tatung also confirms that “the book is a perfect primer for non-cooks who want to venture into the kitchen. Mga “naghahanap ng ibang” career or “hanapbuhay”. Suitable for entry-level or community-based food businesses.”

After the cooking demonstration, a fun game ensued as Vertikal Kreatives (the creative team and publisher of Simpol book series) gave away as prizes, a complete set of the Simpol Series: Simpol The Cookbook, Kitchen Secrets, Simpol Baking and Simpol Dishkarte. The book launch was sponsored by NutriAsia, The Alley by Vikings, and Masflex.

Simpol Dishkarte ni Chef Tatung is now available in all National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets and online on Simpol StoreShopee Simpol Store and Lazada Simpol Store.

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