Tatung’s Nostalgic Summer Tasting Menu

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Tatung’s Private Dining welcomes the gleaming sun and the summer season with another nostalgic tasting menu.

It will remind you of joyful moments of waking up in the countryside with the calming sound of chirping birds, watching the fields of golden grains ready for harvesting, and the humid sea breeze with the waves friskily touching your toes.

Enjoy your dining experience while reminiscing about the mountains, the sea, and the summer breeze.

Abre Gana

Homemade pan de sal baked the way old panaderias of the yesteryears bake them – chewy, spongy, and a little salty, served with traditional kesong puti of Sta. Cruz, Laguna, an unaged cheese traditionally made from carabao’s milk.

The smokey longganisa de rekados and longganisang hamonado adds up to the Southern flavor of this dish.

Kadyos, Baboy, kag Langka

Tracing its roots from the heart of the archipelago, this slow-cooked and smoked pork belly with grilled jackfruit and pigeon peas, stewed in batuan-flavored broth, brings a tamed and comforting smokey and sour taste.


Fresh organic strawberries and greens from the highlands of the North drizzled with freshly made honey lemon mustard dressing.

The classic duck floss adobo sa puti, which resembles the taste of pre-Hispanic adobo, gives the salad an extra layer of fabric of flavor and history.

Pinasingawang Apahap at Saksak Sinagol

Symphony of the sea and the mountains.

The familiar steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves, laced with dried kamias and tomato confit, served with mixed crops such as dilaw na kamote, saging na saba, black rice, and white rice, gives you a taste of the simple life in the countryside.


Summer is not complete without the iconic sorbetes.

Made from the renowned manggang kalabaw, which cultivates across the country, from the islands of Guimaras to the rich lands of Zambales, this green mango sorbet topped with burong manga cleanses and delights the palate.

A sprinkle of Asin Tibuok, artisanal sea salt from Bohol, harmonizes the sorbetes with a sharp, earthy, and smokey aftertaste.

Estofado at Buyok na Mais

Chef Tatung gives you a glimpse of his childhood.

Handed down from generation to generation, this heirloom slow-cooked beef estofado served with buyok na mais, a Visayan rice corn dish that resembles polenta, brings back memories of the good old times.

Savor the dish’s flavor where Chef Tatung shared fragments of his joyful memories of growing up.


Traveling to the Southern tip of Luzon means having a great time smelling fragrant coconuts being cooked and processed in various ways.

This buko pie-inspired dessert is a delightful dish that reminds us of the long drives, tall coconut trees, and the breath of fresh air away from the Metropolis.

Reserve a table now and experience a nostalgic culinary journey, contact Gelo at 0956 660 5913.

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