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Many have been curious about young chef Chesco and young chef Zia since their first appearance with our newest character named Pol. But their presence is no surprise with the arrival of Chef Tatung’s newly published Young Chef’s Cookbook which focuses on educating kids on how to cook simple dishes while also teaching them kitchen safety measures. And not only is the fully illustrated and full-colored cookbook filled with delicious recipes, it is also one that makes time in the kitchen enjoyable because bringing your parents and siblings along is a must; making it a family bonding activity that everyone can enjoy.

Chef Tatung, Young Chef Chesco, and Young Chef Zia

While the Young Chef’s Cookbook is an interesting topic because of its arrival, the center of attention for today should be young chef Chesco and young chef Zia. They are the young chefs who accompanied Pol in cooking some of the dishes that can be found within the Young Chef’s Cookbook, proving that the recipes can be prepared by kids their age; with the help of their parents, of course. After all, despite how simple the instructions may be, there may still something in the kitchen that could become dangerous if left unattended.

Young Chef Zia

Now, without further ado, let’s begin by introducing young chef Zia. She is 8 years old and her story as a young chef, who would eventually find her way into one of Simpol’s cooking videos, began when she was 5 years old. Three years before she made her Simpol appearance as young chef Zia, she started her cooking career by posing as a chef within the imagination built around her cooking playset. She was her very own Chef Tatung. With a restaurant under her name, a messily scribbled menu, and the need to order food for her to cook; she had become a successful restaurateur.

Young Chef Chesco

Next is young chef Chesco. He is 10 years old and his story as a young chef started during the pandemic. Watching his parents during their pasta-selling adventures is what inspired him to begin exploring the culinary arts. His passion for cooking was ignited roughly four years before he made his appearance as young chef Chesco for Simpol. Not only is he passionate about cooking, he also has the desire to inspire other kids his age to try and explore the culinary journey with the help of online resources.

And so, with young chef Zia and young chef Chesco desiring to share their cooking journey to the world as partners-in-cooking alongside Pol, they have officially become chefs in their own right. Because despite their age, their mind has carried them to achieve a status beyond their years. 10 years old and 8 years old, yet already exploring and growing fond of the kitchen world.

They are young chefs that have bright futures ahead of them. It will take them years before they reach the high status they imagined in their youth, but it shouldn’t be too hard now that they have taken the first step towards their future.

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